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Few of the advantages of being PG Franchisee are:

  • Opportunity to become part of an established network, with state of the art system support and operational processes.
  • Deriving an established brand, with exclusive rights to develop the local market.
  • Immediate access to a proven business concept, brand identity, image and operating model.
  • Supported with established operating policies, procedures and standards.
  • Continuous professional training and on-going support from the Franchisor.
  • Thorough business review is conducted by the Franchisor to eradicate statistical risk of failure.
  • Supported continuously with ongoing product and service innovations, and developments to the business system.
  • Increased buying power via the franchise group influence and established customer base of the franchise.
  • Opportunity to get immediate momentum on opening through established brand equity of the franchise.
  • Continuous advertising and promotional direction and assistance.
  • Proved chances of reaching economies of scale more efficiently.