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Built on heritage furthered by ambition

Decades of perfecting luxury

A privately held business group in the Middle East with core interests in beauty and lifestyle products and services, the Paris Gallery Group of Companies has almost become synonymous with luxury itself. Through a wide range of products that include fragrances, cosmetics, watches, eyewear, accessories and fashion, the brand completes the portrait of a desirable lifestyle.

What started as a single shop has now grown to a retail chain of over 80 stores across the Middle East, encompassing a diverse portfolio of iconic brands in opulent living. Through its retail and distribution arms, the Paris Gallery Group of Companies has been setting trends, defining style and showcasing luxury for the region’s discerning customers and is acknowledged as the most reliable and respected name in the realm of its business. Not only has Paris Gallery grown from strength to strength, it has also facilitated the development of luxury brands that are today considered household names in the Gulf region. Paris Gallery’s commitment to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships has Nurtured these brands to achieve a commanding market position while helping the Paris Gallery Group of Companies redefine the region’s luxury landscape.

While being the modern face of luxury in the region, the Paris Gallery Group of Companies has upheld the tradition of Arabic hospitality as a virtue. Guests at Paris Gallery, for instance, can enjoy refreshments and request personal shopping assistance. The Paris Gallery Group of Companies goes the extra mile to make customers feel at home when visiting every store. As a satisfied customer puts it, “When shopping at Paris Gallery, you feel like royalty.”

The UAE has a highly evolved taste for luxury goods and refined living. As one of the leading UAE family businesses, the Paris Gallery Group of Companies is not only a pioneering commercial entity but also very much a part of the social and cultural weft and warp of the country. A staunch supporter of local government initiatives on native workforce development, the Paris Gallery Group of Companies endeavors to build on its reputation as an employer of choice and a responsible corporate citizen. The presence and influence of the Paris Gallery Group of Companies extend across the entire geographic region as well as many products categories. The retail division of the Paris Gallery Group of Companies offers a premium collection of over 500 international brands across Several product categories including fragrances, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, fashion apparel, eyewear and accessories.

It’s a world of diverse interests, preferences and fashion sensibilities. Yet, satisfying the customer is a challenge the Paris Gallery Group of company has always warmed up to over the years. Being a UAE retailer with a history of serving customers, keeping in touch with changing trends and understanding customer preferences have come naturally to the business. Being dynamic and progressive, the Paris Gallery Group of Companies has further ensured customer understanding through participation in interactive initiatives at major events in the region as well as participation in international summits like the UAE Retail Summit. Trust is built over time, and to the Paris Gallery Group of Companies it translates into nurturing the loyalty of three generations of customers. In the words of a customer: “My mother brought me here and I shall be bringing my daughter here when the time comes.” This is what differentiates Paris Gallery from other retailers in the region.